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RAKO Belgium

To manage and monitor all RAKO activities, the not-for-profit organisation RAKO Belgium was founded. The NPO is registered in the Belgian Official Gazette under the company number 431260020 - publication march 2006.

The organisation has the objectives, without any aim of profit, to:

  • support education and childfriendly projects in developping countries, more specifically in Cambodia
  • optimisation of hygiene and medical care in projects in remote areas, more specifically rural areas of Cambodia
  • support projects focused on water purification

Management Board

  • John Wouters - chairman
  • Laure Faingnaert - vice-chairman and webmaster
  • Fanny Dooms - secretary
  • Frank Dooms - treasurer

Registered office of the organisation

p/a Schuttershofstraat 10, 2550 Kontich (Belgium)

E-mail :

Local committees

We work with active groups of volunteers in the following cities and villages:

Aartselaar: Mr. Frank Dooms (accounting) & Mrs. Vera Vandendaele, Leugstraat 61

Dendermonde: Mrs. Annemarie Van Den Abbeele, Moerstraat 42

Destelbergen: Mrs. Laure Faingnaert (vice chairman - webeditor), Leeuweriklaan 9

Kontich: Mr. John Wouters (chairman) & Mrs. Fanny Dooms (secretary - webeditor)

Sint-Amandsberg (Gent): Mrs. Thérèse Jansen, Groot Begijnhof 70

Sint-Niklaas: Dr. Marie-Thérèse Vrelust (founding member), Knaptandstraat 163

Vosselaar: Mrs. Els Ducheyne (webdesign), Secretaris Van De Venlaan 14